A contemporary mixed media art studio at the heart of Thomson. Artflock engages in dynamic and open minded approach towards learning art and emphasizes on the process of making art. The entire process will provide diverse opportunities for children to explore, share and play through art-making. Children are guided to explore ideas by using multiple media and technique such as painting, printmaking, sculpturing, drawing, and mixed media. ArtFlock also opens its doors to the larger community with monthly workshops for adults by artists and Open Space Sessions, where the contemporary studio is open for anyone who wants to spill their creative hearts on canvases. More than just brushes and paint, diverse materials are provided to ensure that no one is limited to their brush strokes. With different types of craft materials, texturing tools and techniques available, the ArtFlock Studio promises a mixed-media art buffet and hands-on session like no other.


Students age is as of date of birth


Thomson Ridge  

1A Thomson Ridge
Singapore, 574633

Age : 3.0 - 12.0
Operating Hours:
9.30am-7pm (varies)

Address: Minor Inc. Reg No. 201606559W. 10 Anson Road #29-05a, International Plaza, Singapore 079903.  Email:   Contact: +65-91550459, +65-98565610