J'Taime Perfumery- perfumery classes for kids

Join the best perfumery class in Singapore

Je t'aime Perfumery Singapore is a place where you can express yourself using Aromas. It can be really expensive to buy a basic set of 'olfactory material', especially if you are looking for high-quality. So, Je t'aime Perfumery decided to gather the best available material for you. You can use it to make a Custom Scent, Olfactory art, Signature Fragrances or a perfect gift for someone you love.


Goodman Arts Centre  

90 Good Man Road
BLOCK B, #04-10
Singapore, 439053

Age : 8.0 - 18.0
Operating Hours:
Mon to Fri: 10am-6 pm

Address: Minor Inc. Reg No. 201606559W. 10 Anson Road #29-05a, International Plaza, Singapore 079903.  Email: mail@minorinc.com   Contact: +65-91550459, +65-98565610