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Founded by educators equipped with degrees in Life Science and Marine Biology, Young Nautilus is an education enrichment partner for schools and families that provide fun and engaging science learning journeys. By fostering a deeper understanding of the world and the dynamic changes that shape it, we enrich what are taught in the MOE syllabus. Most importantly, as their learning catalyst, our educators are equipped with the pedagogy skills required to inspire participants’ learning through application and inquiry-based activities. Our Vision Within the spiral shape of the Nautilus shell contains many chambers that it develops continually. As there is no “final” chamber, this amazing animal continues building new chambers during its entire life. Just like the Nautilus, we seek to help students to be inspired and to empower them with life skills that will assist them to add on new knowledge “chambers” for various stages in life. Learning and gaining knowledge should never stop. Our Mission To provide inquiry-based learning journeys that foster a deeper understanding of their world and the dynamic changes that shape it. Through these experiences, we seek to inspire students to become more aware and to share finding and experiences with their peers and their community.


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Age : 5.0 - 18.0

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