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The Kid Coder is you! Yes, you, or the child in you that is inquisitive, curious and creative; that yearns to explore the world of technology and computing. If you are a parent, The Kid Coder is potentially your child who steps into our doors and be introduced to the world of possibilities that is computer science and programming. The Kid Coder is also you, whether child, teen, parent or grandparent, who holds in you the potential to innovate and share your creations through computers and programming. Then what’s this talk about programming courses? We offer courses related to programming, computer science and information technology particularly to children and teenagers, and always including the old and young at heart. We aim to achieve three things through our courses: Introduce a refreshing perspective on computer science to the beginner Inculcate computational and analytical thinking Build practical technology skills and knowledge Inject fun and closer bonds between participants and families OK, that was four things – oh c’mon, who can leave out FUN in the equation? We learn best when there is FUN! And there is always FUN learning with us! We think that programming and IT skills are useful in this day and age. Even if one does not intend to become a computer scientist or IT professional, programming is an invaluable addition to one’s knowledge. Computer applications have become a very pervasive part of our lives and is currently still not fully incorporated in our formal curriculum. That is why we promote it! Look who else think the same way:


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