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EduCHAMPS Academy was founded in 1992 based on the principle of awakening the capacities that exist within every individual. Every child possesses untapped abilities and his or her potential to excel remains paramount to EduCHAMPS Academy. EduCHAMPS Academy enrichment programmes allow students to achieve results more quickly and efficiently help all students to excel in their studies develop their courage to move beyond previously defined ‘limits’ into a new domain of confidence. EduCHAMPS Academy works to reframe students’ habitual associations in relation to school and learning, to stimulate and ignite intrinsic motivation. Through their extensive curriculum development, they have made headway into techniques of helping children learn how to store and recall information, adapt effective study skills and be motivated in their studies through strategies ranging from the ‘forgotten’ historical insights through to brain-mapping technologies and empirical educational approaches. EduCHAMPS Academy's mission is to challenge and improve educational standards because they believe that the beginning of the twenty-first century is the time to be living – and learning – for the future. Their philosophy is ‘There is no failure, only feedback’. Educhamps is proud of our successes and thanks its teachers and students for their tremendous effort and dedication 1. Congratulations to National Mathematics Olympiad Champion Brandon Ong JJ from Rosyth School 2. 100% of our 2016 cohort of P3 students (enrolled in GEP Expert Preparatory) passed GEP Screening Test 3. 10 of our GEP Expert Preperatory Students got into 2016 Primary 4 Gifted Education Programme 4. 75.8% of our students got A* in their 2016 PSLE Examinations (English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science) 5. Congratulations to Edgar Tan (ACS Barker) for scoring A1 in both Mathematics and Science. His grades improved from D7 to A1 in 4 months of our intensive O-level program 6. Congratulations to Akriti Gupta (Canadian Int'l School) for 1st position in UN Week Logo Competition 2016- "Homes Around the World"


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Age : 7.0 - 18.0

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