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At Utter Studio, Art is an organic process laden with intentions. Intentions and processes precede results. We introduce Art-making as a powerful self-expressing tool open to children of all ages. Children discovers, explore and experiment with art materials as a tool to understand themselves and the world better. There are no limitations to the types of Art medium one can learn and choose to use. Art tools and mediums are simply a means to help the children acquire the ART OF SEEING. With a discerning eye, children naturally learn to draw and see beauty around them. Children gets exposed to pencil, crayons, watercolours, charcoal, acrylic paints, print-making and much much more! Get your children's curiosity piqued at Utter Studio today!


Seletar Hills Estate  

18a Jalan Kelulut
Seletar Hills Estate
Singapore, 809035

Age : 4.0 - 15.0

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