Welcome to Canvas 2.0! Here we have a holistic bunch of activities related to art and craft for kids. Creativity can’t be taught or imitated! Creativity is unique and exists in every individual. It is discovering that hidden creativity, which becomes a challenge. That’s where Minor Inc. comes into the picture. Choose from our list of partner activity providers and elevate your kid's learning to the newest structure of creative craft. Select the perfect activity in seconds with an option to filter by age/location/type and more. Explore a variety of activities for your kid in just a click and add to your child's abilities. Art and Craft for Kids allows them to think creatively will engage their imagination and help them to develop their own perspective. Coming up with ideas for crafty things to do with kids and working out how to complete these arts and craft for kid's projects will help your child to become more inventive and thoughtful, which will help them in all areas of their life and education. Kids love a variety of drawing activities as it an opening to be creative and have some fun! With our variety of partners, your child not only stays amused but expands their development too! Explore your child's inner artist, help them lose their inhibitions and make them more strong and confident. In Canvas 2.0 we understand that art is at its best when there is freedom to create. So we have pooled in the best of activity providers from all around the red dot. These activity centres recognize the importance of giving liberty to craft one's ideas and so they let your child express their feelings artistically through ­painting, drawing and crafting. Let your tiny stroke tint their own canvas and paint their heart out! When a confident child embarks on a journey to find the world of creativity, there is no turning back!

Apart from Art and craft classes, Minor Inc. also holds activity partner providers offering sports for kids, educational activities for kids, music classes, fun activities for toddlers and kids health programmes. Experience the fun learning right here!

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