Tippy Toes: Introduce Your Child to Ballet!

My four year old granddaughter has come over to visit for a month and declared over dinner yesterday that she wants to become a ballerina when she grows up- takes after her grandma I think. She seems rather keen to learn ballet- I have been fairly supportive of her latest career choice, except that she thinks that my expensive scarves are best utilized as her satin slippers and pink tutu!

To be honest, I am quite happy that she has taken an interest in ballet lessons. I learn ballet for a few years growing up, and it is definitely a good skill to try to learn. It is a great way to build your child’s physical strength and alertness. Ballet also improves concentration, develops a sense of music and synchronized rhythm and creates a love for movement. Whether your child is 4 or 14, the benefits of ballet would be drawn out for life.

Physical Benefits

Taking ballet lessons from a young age improves muscular strength, flexibility and range of motion in your child. Ballet is a physically intense dance form which is designed to be a perfect exercise focusing on arms, legs and torso strength. Along with better balance and improved posture, ballet is a good stress buster as well, allowing one to relax and concentrate on the form and movement. Moreover, the basics of ballet includes a blend of jumping and leaping which increases heart rate, enhancing stamina and keeps up a healthy heart.

Emotional Benefits

Physical benefits of ballet are relatively well understood, but did you know that ballet also adds to the emotional and mental health of your child! Kids often recognize a sense of pride and achievement with a boosted self-regard when they see themselves improving as a ballet student. As they step up on higher stages of this dance form, they tend to feel more self-confident which helps them in the long run.

Social Benefits

Ballet lessons are a great social platform for kids. You’ll see your children develop confidence as they learn the dance form, perform on stage etc. Performing arts in general is a great way to engage kids in a social group outside of the comforting boundaries of home and school. Ballet lessons are a great opportunity to foster teamwork, communication, trust and cooperation in your little one.

Ballet is rather a therapy for the body and the mind. Try it and trust it to instill a disciplined lifestyle in your little budding artist. Although ballet may seem punishing in the beginning, the rewards for those who persist are great (as with everything I guess). Oh, and also, ballet is for both girls and boys!

Learning ballet is wonderful for children even if they never become professional dancers. It is wonderful because it teaches discipline and grace.

– GrannyEner