Minor Inc. in conversation with Carolyn Law – ARThaus Singapore

Carolyn Law is the founder of ARThaus Singapore, a painting studio for art enthusiasts from all walks of life. For the past 15 years, she has been teaching children in various schools and her studio. Carolyn’s work addresses today’s fast-paced society and questions the possibility of a better-appreciated life and culture in contemporary city living. She pensively chooses her subjects and weaves together her philosophical beliefs and treasured culture in each of her paintings.

Despite her busy schedule, Carolyn was kind enough to take some time out to talk about her studio, her art, and how a child can benefit from exploring the world of art.

The Interview:

We are looking forward to the Michael Britton workshop @ARThaus, Tell us all about it and what else have you been working on these days?

Michael Britton is an internationally renowned artist/teacher. We hosted him a couple of months back for the Portraiture Drawing Workshop and will be hosting him again in June for the Portraiture Painting Workshop. It is an intensive 18 hour workshop over a period of 3 days where participants will be taught the techniques of drawing and painting a portrait with a live model.
Currently we are running our Holiday Program for kids and also in midst of coming up with new curriculum and workshops.

What type of art forms would you recommend children from different age groups to start with?

ARThaus is fine arts based studio, so we teach all mediums in fine art, particularly Oil, Acrylic, Water Color, Chalk Pastels, Charcoal, Graphite and Color Pencils. Our programs are suited for kids 5 to 15 years of age.

I think kids can start from as young as 3 years with paints (not oil) and oil pastels to build their motor skills.

Tell us about how you got interested in Pernakan Contemporary Art and how would you guide children to start learning more about it? 

As a Nyonya, I have spent time and energy to uncover my roots and unearth this ‘disappearing’ culture through a couple of students turned friends. This, in turn, opened up new doors to my culture and led me to family members that I never knew existed.

The evolution of my art practice has my pieces with distinctively vibrant and modern trademark – gold embellishments and a staggering amount of detail paid to every individual work. My work dwells in the reconstruction of the fading Peranakan heritage and intends to resurrect it through my art. Peranakan inspired art and culture are fun to do as the culture is so colorful and has so many options.

For the kids, a little history of the culture can be talked about and simple art ideas like Peranakan Tile Painting etc can be taught.

A child taking up art and art classes may have several life benefits. In your experience have you seen change in attitude or behavior of children since they start learning till they get really passionate? Feel free to share some stories with us.

 When a child comes to art class, they are free to express themselves. A lot of them come to the class to de-stress, few to have fun and few others out of interest. Children tend to be able to focus a lot more. They talk about their works and ideas while being more open to new ideas. It is definitely beneficial for children to learn art. We have had a few students with anxiety problems, such that they remained absolutely silent and we were not able to communicate with them. Initially they would freeze and not communicate, but over time, they become more comfortable and started to communicate better. With art they also learned the skills of problem solving and thinking outside the box.

Tell us about The Young Ones and Art Enthusiast programs you run at ARThaus.

In ARThaus, children are encouraged to develop their own point of view in order to embark upon the journey towards creativity. It inspires them for a lifelong learning experience. ARThaus provides a personal space as a learning platform for children to discover, explore and express themselves freely in a fun and safe environment. The educators are professionals and practicing artists who will guide your child while in the learning process.

Finally, what do you think about Minor Inc. and the app we are launching in and our easy to system to find, book and manage classes and schedules? 

I think with this app, it would be very convenient for users to be able to look for things they are interested in, without any hassle. We have come to a generation where everyone looks for convenience in order to do something. I myself am a user of convenient apps where booking, researching and curating is done. It’s a great initiative Minor Inc. has taken up and definitely makes it easier for parents searching for the right activity for their kids.

Creativity is the source of inspiration. It is the celebration of infinite possibilities and potential and is best expressed through art. ARThaus aims to create a space where adults and children are able to discover, explore and express freely the creativity in them all set in a stress free and cozy environment. They believe in providing the best with close guidance from their experienced instructors. Involve your little art enthusiast in this fulfilling & enriching experience and see them make wonders!