It Only Takes a Canvas for Your Kid to Create a Masterpiece!

You might think I know nothing about children activities. But with my age and experience, let me tell all you mommies (and daddies) that art & craft is one of the most primitive and enriching activities your child can take up. With the latest touch-and-point technology, drawing starts to get cast aside. Here’s why art and craft is still very necessary for the growth of our children.

  1. Art helps children be more expressive

Children learn a lot growing up by observing their surroundings. Sometimes, art becomes an easy medium for them to express themselves. A coil of colours can mean they are joyful or a replication of things could mean that they would like to see more of it. Just pay attention to their art closely and you are sure to see the creative sparks.


  1. Art widens a child’s perspective

Unlike adults, children sometimes form their own view of the world which can be remarkably different from what convention dictates. In their world, water can be green and clouds can be bright pink. A glass of water might be brown (because mommy mixes chocolate powder in it). Query them gently and be amazed by the way they view the world. Try to get into the depth of their thoughts rather than grounding them to “how it is supposed to be”. Creativity knows no bounds and  shouldn’t  be limited.

  1. Art helps develop physical skills

Practising and learning art and craft has other benefits for a child growing up. It teaches them to be patient, and shows them the virtue of concentrated effort. It helps with their hand-eye coordination, and improves their control over their muscles. This has long term benefits for them as they grow up. Let them paint their heart out. Let them play. Let them learn!

To end, I would suggest you do not stop your child from the good ol’ doodling or scribbling. Encourage them to grab a pen or crayon every now and then (but keep them away from the walls, hehe!). Who knows, a doodle today, a masterpiece tomorrow.

– Grandma Ener