Interview with Anita Pereira of The Tiara Society

Anita Pereira of The Tiara Society tells Minor Inc. about her beautiful kids play area at UE Square.

1) We understand you have recently bought the franchise and taken over the management. What attracted you to this business?

Anita: I have 2 princesses of my own who have lots of energy. I used to bring them to the Tiara Society when they were located at the top floor of UE Square. I thought that it would be great place for them to channel their creativity and energies positively. My girls fell in love with the concept immediately and I knew then as I know now, that there is no other establishment that could gratify these lasses to dream big. It was this unique selling point that drew my attention.

2) What are your plans for Tiara Society going forward?

Anita: We wish to value-add in areas where we know we have strength in. One of our directors is highly-dedicated pre-school teacher with over 30 years of education experience. With this talent, we will expand our Pre-School Drama and Playgroup Sessions to enhance the customer experience. We also receive many enquiries on the gowns and toys we carry. Hence, plans to improve our e-commerce capabilities whilst expanding our products and services are in the pipeline. Finally, Social Responsibility is a big mantra for us at the Tiara Society. We are in discussions with a non-profit organization to support challenged children, allowing us to contribute to the underprivileged.

3) What are the activities you offer for children? How do they benefit from these activities?

Anita: By being a member of the Tiara Society, every girl transforms into a princess and indulges in a plethora of activities to feel extraordinary. From Princess Parties to playing dress up with other girls, to craft activities and etiquette classes, every experiences at the Tiara Society is designed to delight the senses, create imaginative play and build confidence in a magical, safe and supervised environment.

4) Is Tiara Society only meant for girls?

Anita: The Tiara Society was conceptualized with young girls in mind but has since evolved to cater to young boys too. We have a section where our young lads use their budding imagination to transform themselves into also provide young boys a section where they can transform into Knights, Heroes and Warriors.

5) The Tiara Society Celebration seems like good fun. Can you tell us a bit more about this? What can parents and children expect from these themed parties? Can the themes be customized according to the child preference?

Anita: The Tiara Society Celebration is every child’s dream come true. Imagine picking what you want from your favorite fairytale and manifesting it into real-life. From Themes, Outfits, to Living breathing Princesses to Magicians. All this framing a customized menu fit only for royalty, each request is bespoke and specially tailored to an individual’s liking. Truly a magical moment that does not have to be once in a lifetime experience in my opinion.

6) What do you think about Minor Inc. as a partner?

Anita: Minor Inc. epitomizes what we have been looking for as a business partner. With their one-stop solution mindset, the team behind Minor Inc, have provided a hassle-free service of connecting parents, allowing them to easily introduce a myriad of activities in Singapore, to their children. With this partnership, The Tiara Society has been able to propel its footprint in this landscape and echo our belief that lessons should expand beyond the borders of a classroom.