Grandma Ener on Positives of Wind Instruments

Grandma Ener on Positives of Wind Instruments!

Hello Mommies and Daddies,

It’s the friendly neighborhood Grandma Ener. Isn’t it amazing if your child is already showing signs of being a musical genius! Well, all they need is just that little push towards the right direction for realizing their full potential. Music lessons, in such case, will be awesome in bringing your kid’s talent to the fore.

I tell you, it is very important to understand that every child has a unique tune! So choosing the right musical instrument becomes crucial. Forcing kids to take up an instrument which they don’t enjoy playing, will only work as an additional burden and the child will eventually lose interest in the medium completely.

I once made a similar mistake. I wanted my elder son to be a guitarist but little did I know that I was forcing him to do something that I always wanted to do, thereby adding that extra burden on his tender shoulders, which he was forced to carry. Instead, I should have given him the option to choose. It would have definitely eased his baggage a bit!

I think it’s good to help children begin with an instrument of their choice, which doesn’t restrict them physically or mentally. In such cases, wind instruments will be the perfect choice as young kids will be able to master the technique with no trouble at all! Apart from being easy to learn they are lighter to carry too. Your kids will always have the option of experimentation as they grow up.

Making the right choice

Helping them in learning to play the flute will be a wise idea as it is an adaptable musical instrument, which your child can play comfortably. What primarily matters is the compact size of the instrument, which will be easier for your child to hold.

Valuable flute lessons will also make way for saxophone lessons at a later age. Saxophone is a relatively heavier instrument but with the appropriate lessons, playing it will literally become child’s play!

Here are some positive points associated with wind instruments which will surely benefit your kid –

  • Apart from enhancing your child’s personality, instruments like saxophone and flute can improve their mood.
  • It gives them a sense of accomplishment and makes them confident.
  • Such instruments help in stimulating the functioning of the brain, boosting their memory.
  • Your child will become determined; more organized and will learn to manage time.

Grandma Ener understands!

You can use this mobile app called Minor Inc. and their esteemed partners who believe in imparting music lessons with correct wind instruments.

Presenting a fun approach to music is the primary aim of the Flute and Music Academy. Providing musical opportunities, catering to every child’s interest is essential for the experienced teachers at this school. With enjoyable music lessons, they will be able to learn better and at a swifter pace! You can find, book and try their classes on the Minor Inc. app but you will have to wait a few more weeks.

I am sure this information will help you understand your munchkin better. Now, just between you and me, they are giving away some lessons for free and the instrument will be provided to you too. If you want to try out their classes visit their website Hurry!