Good parenting tips: All that it takes to raise happy kids!

All of us seek to raise children who grow up to be disciplined, wise and cheerful. But yet most parents are still not aware of the key psychology, which impacts their kid’s development. While there is no perfect way of good parenting, there sure are various methods you can take up to assure your child’s healthy and happy development.

Be their friend, let respect come naturally!
Building a foundation of friendship with your child is what would get you close to them. Start with spending quality time or asking them questions about themselves and how they see the world. Not only will you learn the exclusiveness of their ideas, you’ll also be teaching them to display care and concern for their loved ones. Be their friend and good parenting shall take on its own.

Teach them how to “work it out”
Guide your child through decision-making processes and the fact that people could be affected by their decision. For instance, if your little one wishes to quit a sports activity, comfort them by identifying the source of the problem and working it out. Explain them the importance of fixing a problem instead of running away. Rather than finding an escape, encourage your kid’s extracurricular activities to keep up with their problem solving skills.

Balance the academics with extracurricular activities
While the academics are important, extracurricular activities are essential. Apart from enjoying their childhood, the kids would also learn valuable life lessons like teamwork, responsibility, discipline and leadership. Make sure you spend as much time on your child’s theatre play practice as their school work. Effectively balancing extracurricular activities with academics can lead to a fulfilling, satisfying life. It’s the key to build a well-rounded child.

Boost your child’s confidence with your words!
The underlying trick to your child’s confidence is the empowering words you use. A child’s self esteem often suffers if they are not appreciated. How you construct them at home is how strong they stand outside. Make sure you show appreciation at all times. Show your child you love and admire them. Use words like “Well done” when they complete a task or “It is okay! You can try again” when they fail to do so. Reward them with a “Thank you” when they do something good and stay calm while they do something uncalled for.
Not only will you instil good manners, you would also boost their confidence by letting them take command over their own decisions.

With the assurance of your love and support, your kids are more likely to take healthy risks. When children know that their parents will always be there for them, for better or for worse, they get confident and secure in their decisions. Raising kids is not an easy task but these tips are sure to keep them happy!