Fuel Your Child’s Flight With Minor Inc.!

“Every child is an artist until he’s told he’s not an artist”John Lennon

Dear Parent,

You might have a young, budding Picasso at home or a Shakespeare-in-waiting perhaps? Well, why not cheer that creative talent and nurture it with care! Enhance their skills by getting them involved in enrichment centers and watch them take their flight.  There is a plethora of children activity center in Singapore just around the corner, from sports to dance, martial arts to swimming, from arts to music and many more. The question is how to find the right activity for your child, and the right training ground to cultivate that hidden talent.

Many services, one solution

In recent years, we saw the growth of many services that tap into this need for strainingand curating options within defined spaces – also known as the age of aggregation. The trend of bringing services under one roof has become a common yet effective method. Brands like Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon etc. are perhaps the finest examples of finding services through aggregation. They use technology to make the connection between business and people easy, efficient and economical.

Minor Inc. – Helps you browse, discover & book classes

Minor Inc. is going to be your one stop solution to find a range of extracurricular activities and programs for your kids all over Singapore.With Minor Inc., your munchkin gets a chance to try out a host of activities,which will surely help them discover their inner superpower and their true calling. We want you to try a variety of classes and find the right one before you commit your little one and your hard earned money to a particular activity provider.

Security and well-being of children is our primary goal and so on Minor Inc. you only find the top classes and activities that have years of experience and have top notch facilities. We are feverishly building the app and are confident that you will find it not only useful but easy to use and intuitive.  Minor Inc. will offer loads of free classes for our early adopters. So stay tuned for more updates, and together, let’s Raise Superheroes.